Speech Therapy in Brazil

History of Speech Therapy in Brazil:

The previously named Speech Therapy and Speech Action Word came in the 60's from the need to extend the conditions of health and education of the population.                     

In the late 70's, the curriculum of Speech Therapy was approved while the regulation of the profession occurred in the early 80's. The Brazilian Association of Speech Therapy, established in 1962, drafted the profession law project, failed for several consecutive years. Only in 1981, the text was approved and ratified by the President.

The first speech therapy course was established in 1960 at the University of São Paulo and, shortly there after, in 1961, it was the turn of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Both lasting one year. The next courses were created at the Federal University of Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, in Campinas, at the Pontifical Catholic University and soon after, in the Paulista School of Medicine, currently the Federal University of São Paulo.

In the 80’s were created class bodies: the Federal Council of Speech Pathology and Audiology Regional Councils, responsible for four major areas that cover the entire national territory. Only in the 90 Unions were created to supervise the profession and regional offices of the Regional Councils due to the growing number of professionals in all regions.

In 1988 was created the Brazilian Society of Speech Therapy (SBFa) responsible for conducting the conferences and the dissemination of scientific production.

In the early 80's, speech therapists performed their post-graduate training courses in related areas, such as linguistics, psychology, among others. At the end of 80 years and 90 years, several studies were conducted in the area of Human Communication Disorders (PUC / SP, Federal University of São Paulo). It began in UFSM, in 1992 the Masters Course in Human Communication Disorders. Recently, the specialization of UFSM has the Doctorate Course in Human Communication Disorders, with its first selection process this year, 2011.

The Speech Therapy courses in Brazil, as well as the UFSM initially focused on the clinical and therapeutic care. But in the late 80th and early 90th the audiologist, wrapped in new theoretical perspectives, situations also generated new social and political context in the country, shaped and intensified the need for new speech therapy practices, with experience in public health, in research and extension.



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